About Us

My name is Patty Block. I left Guadalajara twenty years ago as the bride of an American USAF. Proud to be an American citizen and proud of my Mexican heritage, I began collecting fine Mexican regional arts and crafts during our trips to visit my family in Guadalajara.  On our drives back and forth, we would visit fine art centers and artists along our route.  One of our favorite places is Santa Maria del Rio, the birthplace of the Rebozo, the traditional Mexican shawl that Mexican women have worn for generations.   It’s dimensions and the way it’s worn has inspired songs,  poetry and painters.

We decided to open “IKAT REBOZOS”, as a tribute to the artisans and the Mexican traditions.  Please consider helping us arrange a free presentation featuring the interesting history of the rebozo and its uses.  No purchases necessary but we will offer a selection of items for sale.