Care Guide

Cleaning Instructions:

All our rebozos are Hand Wash or Dry clean, depends on your preferences.

When handwashing , cleaning the body and fringes at the same time will cause the fringes to tangle. Please follow these steps:

STEP ONE: washing the body

Gently place just the body of the rebozo in and out of a bucket or sink filled with cold soapy water. Use Woolite brand soap for washing. Repeat the same process to rinse it in clean water.

STEP TWO: washing the fringes

 Place just the fringes gently in and out of cold soapy water. Use Woolite also, and repeat the same process, to rinse it in clean water.     

TO Dry:  Make sure the rebozo is stretched open to dry.

TO PRESS:  ALWAYS  iron with a cloth protecting the body of the  rebozo from the iron. DO NOT allow the iron to touch the rebozo as the heat may cause damage to the fabric.